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Handy Hints

Take a moment to learn how you can get the most out of your Salad Sac with a few helpful hints below!

The Salad Sac is not just for salad!

Company for Dinner?

Prepare your salad the day before or the same morning using the Salad Sac . When your company arrives, the salad will be fresh and crisp and ready to serve without the hassle of messy preperation!

Whole Vegetables

Just wash and trim your veggies and lettuce and store them all together in your damp Salad Sac . Whole vegetables and whole lettuce of any kind including Romaine, Bibb, Leaf, Iceberg, Spinach and Kale will stay fresh and crisp much longer!

Fresh Herbs

Our Salad Sacs really do it all when it comes to keeping your food fresh and that includes herbs! Store parsley, dill, rosemary, mint, chives and other fresh herbs with your vegetables – flavors will not transfer.


Prepare your salad before going to the cottage and carry in Salad Sac. You'll have ready-to-eat salad all weekend.

Try all your veggies!

Store all your whole lettuce and vegetables together! The best part? Flavors will not transfer!

Fresh Mushrooms

Keep one Salad Sac just for mushrooms! Store them in your Salad Sac (dirt and all) in the fridge and wash them as you need them. You will find mushrooms will keep over a week.


Part of what's so amazing about the Salad Sac is the convenience it provides for you! Make extra salad ahead of time using the Salad Sac so the salad is ready to eat when you are hungry.









Snow Peas

Whole Green Onions

Whole Tomatoes

Buy your tomatoes at various stages of ripeness and store in the Salad Sac in a cool dark kitchen cupboard (not the fridge). You will be amazed at how long they will keep and yet ripen naturally.

Health Conscious People

Salad Sacs provide health conscious individuals with readily available healthy snacks instead of reaching for those fattening fast foods.

Vegetable Smoothies

Store all your washed fresh greens and veggies in the Salad Sac and have them ready for making your nutritious vegetable smoothies.

Olive oil, tomatoes and fresh herbs

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