Keep Your Salad Fresh For Days!

Tired of tossing out your brown and wilted lettuce? Our Salad Sac is the answer!

Made of a special grade of super absorbent 100% cotton, Salad Sacs preserve the freshness of your salad by allowing excess moisture to escape into the Salad Sac . This nifty creation can be used to store other vegetables and herbs, too!

Salad Sacs are ideal for the home, cottage, and as gifts for your friends!

27 Years Of Fresh Salad!!
A Must-Have For Every Kitchen!
Keeps your veggies fresh for days Great for making salad ahead of time Eliminates lettuce spinning and costly paper towels and plastic bags!
ECO-Friendly-Lasts for years!

Where We've Been Featured!

As a durable, reusable product, the Salad Sac has gained a reputation across the USA, Canada, and Europe as being a must-have commodity for the kitchen. Just take a look below to see where we've been featured!

collage of salads in the Salad Sac!

Why Our Product Is A Must-Have!

To put it simply, Salad Sacs will save you time, money and promotes healthy eating! We know that veggies are highly nutritous but they go bad so quickly. But not with the Salad Sac! With one swift toss, you can build your salad or store all your washed whole heads of lettuce and veggies, leave it, and eat it fresh later. Every time.

Lakeshore Enterprises is the manufacturer of the Salad Sac and we sell wholesale only.

Retail Stores

Wholesale inquiries only. Retailers please contact us via email at and include your store name, contact name, address, phone number and Federal ID# or state sales tax ID#.

Call Toll Free 1-888-556-2763 (Please see our contact page).

Individual Consumers

The Salad Sac is available from many retail outlets including kitchen and gourmet stores, hardware stores and gift shops nationwide. Our Salad Sacs are also available at many online locations. Just simply search or to purchase the Salad Sac .

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Lehman's (USA) and Vesey's (Canada).

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